If your visa terminated

On the off chance that your guest visa terminated and you have to leave and come back to Canada, you have to apply for another guest visa. Much of the time, you should apply online to broaden your stay as a guest.

Steps you have to follow to request to extend your VISA

  1. A letter that states your reason behind extending your VISA.
  2. A copy your Passport-a page showing your personal data and another page having date of entry.
  3. Proof of Status in Canada if you have authentic immigration documents(Visitor Record).
  4. Copy of your marriage certificate only if your marital status is married.
  5. The necessary proofs must also be provided to show the existence of the economic resources to cover the stay in the country (as a visitor, you are not authorized to work in Canada).

If you do not have much savings or other income this can be a problem, but there is the option to include an affidavit from a friend or family, who is a permanent resident or Canadian citizen, in which that person assures that they will cover their expenses while you stay in Canada. This person must also include a letter of employment and a copy of the last Notice of Assessment (tax) to prove that they have the compulsory income from an extra expense.

How can you Extend your VISA in Canada?

If you genuinely wants to extend your VISA then you have to apply at least 30 days before your current work permit expires.
In most cases, online applications are accepted to extend your VISA

How Online application can help you:

  1. There are no fees for the courier.
  2. Your application may be processed more quickly.
  3. The document submission process becomes quicker.
  4. Through your online account, you can get updates on your status.