Study permit extension canada

Designated Learning Institute(DLI).

A Canadian Student VISA permits international students to start their study programs and get an educational degree from Canada. To study in Canada Students register themselves on Designated Learning Institute(DLI) and fulfill other requirements. Your Study Permit must be authentic throughout your Studies in Canada.

When you should extend your Student VISA?

The Canada Study Permit is only valid for a fixed time and 90 days more to give you time to leave Canada. However, if your Student VISA is getting expire but you realize that you need to attend school or College for more time you should extend your Student VISA.

You must submit an Extension application at least 30 days before your VISA gets expired. Expiry Date is mentioned at the top right corner of Study Permit. But make sure that your passport is still valid since expired passport doesn’t get approved by them.
And if you are thinking to travel outside Canada but if your Student VISA expiry date is near then it’s your duty to first apply for Extension Otherwise once you will leave Canada then you are not allowed to Come again.

If your study permit has already expired and you haven’t applied for an extension, then you will have to leave Canada. Then from outside of Canada, you may apply for a fresh study permit or for the recovery of your status as a student.

How long it takes to process Study Permit Extension Application?

The application to extend your study permit will be processed and an answer will be sent to you after your submission. The processing time depends on the workload of the Canadian Consulate and your application needs to be approved within 30 days.

But if the answer has not been sent to you within 120 days then you should contact Canadian Consulate. The reason for this is that you should be aware of your status that whether your VISA is still valid or you have to leave the country and apply again for Study Permit.

After processing your application, the Canadian Consulate will let you know whether your extension was approved or not. If it was approved, then you will be allowed to stay in Canada until your program ends. If it was rejected, you will have to return to your home country.

If your study permit has already expired

In the event that you haven’t applied to broaden your examination license, you’ve lost your status in Canada. You can’t proceed or restart your investigations until we’ve reestablished your status and broadened your examination grant. You have 90 days to apply to reestablish your status and broaden your grant.

There’s a CAN$200 charge to reestablish your status, just as a CAN$150 expense for the new investigation license. Discover what to do if your examination license has terminated and you haven’t applied to broaden it.